Witches Printable Scrapbook Kit

Easy to use printables for your witchy scrapbook, journal, mixed media, etc.


A scrapbook or journal kit for modern witches. Each element is hand drawn and lettered by me, ensuring you have a truly unique printable available no where else.

I combined classic witchy themes and colors with an updated aesthetic to create something you’ll actually want to stick in your journal, planner, or scrapbook.

.: Your files are .PNGs, in 300 DPI.

.: The spreads are on 8” x 10” sheets and will fit a variety of popular journals/planners.

.: They can be printed full size without the need for resizing.

.: If you need to convert, you can simply open the image in your image editor of choice (even MS Paint), and “Save As” in the format you need (JPEG, etc.).

Other places to find me:
— https://www.celiaagnes.com (view my portfolio of work and learn about me)
— Instagram @celiaagnesartwork (come follow me to see my latest work and peek at my sketchbook)